Bloom Where You’re Planted

by centers8 on November 30, 2017

Sooner or later adversity comes to us. And when it comes we must choose whether we want it to be an awesome teacher or a cruel master.
One day adversity came at me like the Texas wind and turned my world upside down.
It was my first day of school. Feeling both excited and scared I couldn’t keep from frolicking. However, the end of the day found me beaten down though. Things changed drastically when the teacher discovered I didn’t possess an important communication skill–I didn’t speak English. She labeled me, “unteachable.” Then she gave me a seat, not among the other students but, behind the piano. A dark coldness crept into my soul. Big fat tears splattered on my lap as they rolled off my cheeks. I couldn’t understand the punishment.
From then on I struggled through the days. The kids tormented me with ridicule and the teacher seldom spoke to me. In my lonely spot behind the piano, I learned about a beautiful family. The kids, Jane, Dick, Sally and their pets, Puff, and Spot intrigued me. I also learned words like run, see, jump and I fell in love with them. “Words” reminded me of a train. I could link them together to form sentences. I listened to my classmates and emulated them. From my high perch behind the piano, I also learned how putting numbers together exploded and made more numbers.
Finally one day, after Christmas break, I earned the right to seat among my peers. Happy me.
I don’t tell you this story to elicit sympathy but to show you that you too can bloom where you’re planted. I bloomed. From behind the piano, I learned that knowledge is power and that I possessed an incredible spirit of fortitude. Never again would anyone sit me behind the piano. The ignorance of that teacher became my saving grace. It kept me from being a high school drop out, it kept me from taking a destructive path, and it forced a goal on me–to acquire a wealth of education. It was my tool of sweet revenge against the teacher that so callously punished me. The unteachable kid earned a bachelor’s degree.

It would be years before I discovered I had the gift of “serendipity.” It is the ability to unearth good fortune from adversity. As my life moved on, adversity continued to be an unwanted companion but I had a knack for bouncing back from life-disrupting events. Adversity created opportunities for new directions in my life and that was exciting to me. I realized Adversity is a blessing turned inside out(TM). I chose to let adversity be an awesome teacher and it has served me well.

Bloom where you’re planted. If you haven’t done it yet, take time and I mean committed time to search out your serendipity. It’s the substance that will help you bloom.

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