by centers8 on January 11, 2016

The characters in my head are restless. They wake me in the middle of the night. “Release us,” they holler. I’m their prison, their jailer. I’m the omnipotent one, I give them life or death. It may sound like these characters are at my mercy but it is I who am at their mercy. I have the job of transforming them into physical communication. “Suit the action to the word, the word to the action,” easy for William Shakespeare to say but I can do it and have done it.

Communication is as old as time and it’s the one thing that has no expiration date on it and it also doesn’t wear out but like anything else a set of instructions are attached as to the proper way to communicate.  My characters don’t understand that I can’t just slap them down on a piece of paper and give my self a round of applause for creating a book. Anyone can do that–scary thought.  It’s the same for speaking. Running my mouth doesn’t mean anything. When I communicate, I want to reach into the hearts and minds of my readers and/or listeners.

I read books on writing and speaking. I’m a member of writer’s group. I’m active in Toastmaster’s. I’m engaging in activities to promote myself but the one element that I give little attention to is the,”Real Me.” While all these activities refine my skills they don’t showcase the real me.  They get me into a state of readiness but I do my best when I don’t have a prescribed set of rules tumbling around my head. When the, “real me” shows up I make myself available to my audience. My movements are natural and all of me speaks. This is how I connect with my audience and so can you. This is how we get into the minds and hearts of our listeners and readers. Let the, “REAL YOU,” stand out.

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